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Taste of Lebanon – Beirut Best City for Food

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Beirut was the only Middle Eastern city to make the list of “The Best International Cities for Food” this year

Lebanese food combines the sophistication of European cuisine with the excitement of eastern spices It is Lebanon’s culinary contributions that have provided the framework for and has been the greatest influence on modern Arabic cuisine

A unique cultural history has helped to make Lebanese food the most popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines. For most of its past, Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate.


olive oil, lemon juice and garlic are the iconic ingredients of Lebanese cuisine, a tantalizing fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences

Every village  has mastered something and offered a unique specialty which made it  famous for their offerings for hundreds of years.

We will take you on a tour around Lebanon’s best local cuisine, starting from the city of Beirut and its famous street food, to the old man in the north mountains preparing ARAK, or the housewife in the south preparing a full menu of the south specialties delicacies

It will be an experience where its taste will last forever ?

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