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About Lebanon

Lebanon is a tiny all-in-one country where you can find anything.

Located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is at the meeting point of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Lebanon has been the crossroad of many civilizations; the traces of which can still be seen


Lebanon is famous for its exquisite beauty, diversity, glamor, European flavor, and hospitable people. Its rich culture and history have placed it on the “must see” list of every world traveler.

The nature of Lebanon makes it the only country in the Arab world that embraces four seasons yearly.

Visitors to Lebanon enjoy outstanding service in world-class hotels and resorts, restaurants, casinos, theaters, cinemas, and nightclubs and luxury shopping centers along with advanced communication and transportation services.

If culture is your interest then there is plenty to be experienced from the historical Sursock Mansion now turned into a museum, to the entire Phoenician town of  Byblos.

If gastronomy & wine are what you seek, then Lebanon has a lot by way of eateries, restaurants small taverns and wineries.

If you’re into adventures and making ever-lasting memories, pack your bags and let’s find out what this Middle-Eastern gem is hiding! For the adrenaline loving tourist Lebanon offers its trails in the villages to hike, its sea to swim in, dive and surf, its mountains to ski, its numerous caves to explore, and its breathtaking views to find your peace.

Useful Facts 


  • Beirut


  • Approximately 5 million


  • 10.452 square kilometres

Weather :

  • Summer season from June till September : average temperature around 30 degrees and usually humid – you can enjoy the beaches  and the nice outdoor parties at the roof tops of Beirut
  • Autumn season from September till December: average temperature around 20 degrees rain may start by the end of November – It is a great weather to enjoy the natural beauty of Lebanon
  • Winter season from December till March : average temperature around 15 degrees mostly rainy and snowy on the mountains –the peaks will be covered in white for ski lovers
  • Spring season from March till June : average temperature around 18 degrees – perfect months of the year to discover Lebanon

Dress code :

  • Depending on the weather and the month of the year but Lebanon is an open country where no dress code  guidelines are required , you can dress what you want ?
  • For sure religious sites need suitable clothing .
  • For Nightclubs and fancy restaurants better to be dressed up

Eating out and nightlife

  • Don’t miss the street food in Lebanon
  • Must eat in traditional Lebanese restaurants
  • Must drink the local spirits: wine, Arak and beer..
  • Must try the raw meat
  • Have a drink in Mar Mikhael or Hamra
  • Experience the Roof Tops vibes
  • Dance till dawn in the most famous night clubs in the Middle East

Monetary Unit:

  • The Lebanese pound (Lira)
  • USD is accepted everywhere

Credit cards:

  • VISA/ MASTER / AMEX are widely spread specially in big shops , restaurants and hotels


  • UBER is available otherwise use official pre-booked taxi companies

Language Spoken:

  • Official national language is Arabic
  • Most of the Lebanese people speaks English or French


  • Many nationalities are exempt from Visa such as : European Union countries, Latin American, America, Canada, Great Britain, Most of the  Gulf countries…
  • Some nationalities need to have cash money and hotel reservation vouchers like : Iraqi and Egyptians….
  • Other nationalities need a pre-approved visa

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